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Fabulous fungi: 4 benefits of using mushrooms for skincare

Mushrooms are trending. From pop culture to food and drink to home décor and tattoos, you can find mushrooms everywhere you look. According to Artful Living, the mushroom renaissance began during the pandemic as people began foraging and growing mushrooms at home.

These fabulous fungi aren't just good for humans. They're also good for the planet. By any measure of water and energy and the low CO2 emissions, mushrooms have a minimal environmental footprint.

In many ways, the mushroom craze is a way for humans to reconnect to ancient traditions. Mushrooms have long been used in traditional Eastern medicine and are dietary staples in many Asian countries because of their various health benefits.

One industry that has boosted the mushroom boom is the beauty sector. Mushroom extracts are known for their natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and natural source of hydration. Because of their excellent properties, beauty companies like Shroom Skincare are using mushrooms for skincare. Check out four mushroom extracts and their benefits that result in healthier, more beautiful skin.

1. Hydrates dry skin

If you want hydrated, visibly healthy skin, look for products that contain reishi mushroom extract. Reishi contains beta-glucans, molecules found in yeast and fungi that, according to a scientific review, heal and moisturize skin. A study published in The Journal of Dermatological Treatment found that it can calm dry, itchy skin, including that caused by eczema.

2. Protects and rejuvenates

Commonly used in traditional medicine as a folk remedy in Russia and other European countries, Chaga mushroom has several benefits when used on the skin. Chaga has been found to have anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, according to a study from the Department of Medical Nutrition at Kyunghee University. It also helps with cell repair and can protect cells from free radicals, which damage cells and cause premature aging.

3. Prevents collagen breakdown

Collagen is an important protein that provides structure and support to your skin. As you age, you naturally produce less collagen, which decreases your skin's elasticity, causing wrinkles. Cordyceps sinensis, a rare fungus ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, helps prevent collagen breakdown, preserving skin elasticity and supporting a balanced, even skin tone.

4. Calming and soothing

When you need to calm and soothe your skin, reach for maitake mushrooms for skincare. Known as the dancing mushroom in Japan, it has incredible healing properties and can protect the skin, improve elasticity and reduce redness and inflammation. An open clinical study found that it improved premature aging from sun exposure and skin turgor, the skin's ability to change shape and return to normal.

To get the most out of mushroom skincare, make sure you're using a product with all four amazing mushrooms, like Mycelium Glow Brightening Serum. Made by Shroom Skincare, it combines these mushroom extracts with vitamin C, jojoba seed oil, Kalahari melon oil, rosehip oil, olive oil and vitamin E.

"Combining these ingredients in a skincare product provides a range of benefits for the skin," said Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon at UnionDerm. "This includes protection from environmental damage, reduction of inflammation, support for the skin's natural defenses and improvement in the appearance of aging and uneven skin tone."

To learn more about the benefits of mushroom skincare products, visit ShroomSkincare.Skin.


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