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What are the skincare benefits of mushrooms?

What are the skincare benefits of mushrooms?

We all love rooting for the underdog, which might go some way to explaining the growing popularity of the shroom. But there's much more lying beneath these fleshy organisms than meets the eye; 'Often it’s not the prettiest plant that has the biggest benefit to the skin and this is certainly true of mushrooms,' says founder of Adaptology Laura Rudoe.

'As a pretty powerful adaptogenic ingredient, they help to calm stress, normalize hormones and reduce inflammation.'

In fact, its anti-inflammatory properties are a pretty big selling point for fungi when it comes to skincare; ‘Studies on several unique mushroom species show promising anti-inflammatory effects, and the topical use of anti-inflammatory mushrooms may help protect skin against damage from environmental stressors,’ explains Dr. Weil.

Other varieties check the boxes when it comes to those of us prone to dry and dehydrated skin too; ‘Mushrooms contain omega fatty acids and ceramides which can help to build up the skin’s moisture barrier, preventing water loss and keeping hydration within the skin,’ says Dr. Fabusiwa.





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